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Dear Fellow Home-based Business Builder,

I'm just putting the finishing touches on my brand new Leadership Development Coaching and Mentoring program entitled, "Secrets That Only The Top 25 Income Earners In Your Company Know" and I want to make sure that I don't leave out any leadership topics that might be of interest to you. So I need your help.

What I'm looking for is to see if you have a specific question about what it would take for you to become a top income earner and leader in your company. Or perhaps, you're just struggling in one or maybe a few key areas in your Home-based business and you're looking for that one leadership idea or key strategy that could transform your business literally overnight?

In exchange for your question(s), I will send you a personal invitation to my brand new program that you can attend ABSOLUTELY AT NO COST TO YOU (as soon as it is finished - it's almost done). This program will cost $197.00 when it is released so take advantage of my personal invitation today while it is still fresh in your mind.
So if I could answer just one question that you feel could help you become a top income earner and leader in your primary company what would it be? Or perhaps you have specific questions in a few key areas that you feel is affecting your ability to build your home-based business and lead others to success the fun, fast way?
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I want to personally "Thank You" for helping me make this Leadership Development Coaching and Mentoring program the #1 program of its kind... Not only will you be receiving what you feel you need most, you are also helping many other home-based business builders as well ensure that they will have the highest chance possible to achieve success in their business!

Keep Charging Hard!
Christian D. Warren

Author of the International Mega Hit, "Running with the Rhinos".
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